Anxiety is something millions of people deal with every day. It can be a constant battle, trying to put the stress away from situations you have no control over. Many people treat it with prescribed medicine, others try to ignore it and hope it will get better on its own, but one option that can be overlooked when treating anxiety is acupuncture. Even if you have a fear of needles, one session with a certified acupuncturist at Coastal Chiropractic can help you manage your anxiety safely.

AcupunctureAcupuncture itself stems from the ancient Chinese medical theory of Qi, which describes an energy force that flows through your body and regulates your health. Qi travels along what are called Meridians, much like the flow of blood through your veins.  Modern medicine has determined Qi as another way to describe the metabolic function of the body, which is the chemical reactions that take place in your body. Injuries, stress, anxiety, and many other factors can cause blockages of those passageways, which can be relieved with the placement of needles in specific points on your body.

What does putting a needle in your body have to do with chemical reactions? Essentially, by triggering a specific nerve point, you can release painkilling chemicals from your nervous system, kickstart your body’s healing ability, or stimulate the emotional core of your brain to treat anxiety and depression. In a recent report, researchers from Georgetown University were able to prove with lab studies that acupuncture slows the body’s production of stress hormones, with clear signs of stress relief after treatment.

One of the best benefits of acupuncture as a way to treat anxiety is the lack of major side effects. Patients have only experienced minimal bruising or dizziness, which is quite uncommon. Compared to the severe side effects of many prescription medications, acupuncture is a far safer treatment option for many issues, with anxiety and depression being some of the more tricky issues to deal with properly. Acupuncture can work great as an addition to an established anxiety treatment regimen and can often be used to help wean a patient off of medication if they want.

If you’re looking for a safe, healthy, side-effect free way to manage and treat your anxiety, acupuncture may be the perfect fit for you. Give Coastal Chiropractic a call today to schedule a free consultation with our certified acupuncturist and start your journey to an anxiety-free life!