Even if you haven’t suffered a sporting related injury, massage therapy should play a critical role in your lifestyle. Massage holds a number of benefits that athletes cannot afford to pass up. Sports massage helps the body stay in better condition and it helps prevent loss of mobility and injuries. It can also increase performance and prolong the life of your sports career.

There are several physical benefits of sports massage. For example, deep massage enables the pores in tissue membranes to open up, thus allowing nutrients and fluids to pass through. Massage also stretches tissues that cannot be stretched by traditional methods. Muscle fibers enjoy being stretched sideways as well as  lengthwise. Massage can also break down any scar tissue you may have. Scar tissue from previous injuries can affect muscles, ligaments and tendons in a negative way.

There are also physiological benefits of sports massage. The tension you have in your muscles causes pain. Massage aids in the reduction or elimination of  pain. Massage also goes a long way in helping to relax your body.

There are even psychological benefits in sports massage. The feeling of relaxation that occurs with a massage can also reduce your anxiety. Receiving a massage will also go a long way in making you feel invigorated. A proper sports massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world.


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