Spring break will be here before you know it, and there are many things you can do to stay healthy on vacation.

In our last couple of blogs, we’ve talked about living a healthier lifestyle in 2017 than we did in 2016. Whether you made it your New Year’s resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle this year or you’ve just made it a point to be healthier, if you’ve made it this far without giving up, you deserve some kudos. The last thing you want is for your healthy, new lifestyle to be derailed because of your vacation. That’s why our chiropractor in Lake Worth has come up with these tips to help you stay healthy this spring break:

#1. Don’t let the stress get to you.

Although vacations are meant to give us a break from the day to day stress of life, traveling can often be stressful. Don’t let your vacation become a source of stress in your life! Take steps to reduce your stress on vacation by planning ahead, staying organized and giving yourself plenty of time in your itinerary for relaxation.

#2. Pack some healthy snacks.

Regardless of whether you’ll be getting to your destination via car or airplane, it’s important to minimize the risk of filling yourself up on Combos and Cinnabuns. Keep yourself fueled properly by packing yourself some healthy snacks for your travels.

#3. Plan active adventures.

While vacation is the perfect time to sit back and relax, it’s also time to experience new adventures in a new place. There’s no reason to waste your vacation in the hotel gym when you could swim in the ocean, go on a hike or experience a number of other adventures that will keep you active and having a blast.


Prepare your body and mind for your upcoming vacation by turning to our chiropractor in Lake Worth. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we also offer massage therapy and acupuncture that can help you unwind before your trip.