Getting a massage feels just wonderful and you really don’t need a reason to make another appointment. But as you go about your busy schedule, you might put things like getting a massage on the back burner. Really, it’s not like you are skipping out on some important treatment like a root canal or chiropractic adjustment. It is time to stop thinking that way. Receiving a massage may feel like strictly a privilege, But they do more than just make you feel fantastic.

Your massage therapist stimulates blood and lymphatic fluid circulation. In turn, this increased circulation helps carry oxygenated blood and other vital nutrients to those areas that need to heal. It also serves as a way to remove the toxic waste in your body that has accumulated over time.

Getting that massage will also stimulate your nervous system and lower your blood pressure. It will slow your heart rate and your respiration, giving your body a natural rhythm.

You probably suffer from those everyday aches and pains associated with sitting too long, sleeping in an awkward position and carrying those heavy groceries from the car to the kitchen. Your massage therapist will pinpoint these problematic areas and utilize a variety of techniques to help relax the muscles and ease the pain.

We all carry a certain amount of stress, some more than others without a doubt. Massage therapy actually decreases the levels of stress hormones, thus effectively relieving stress. There is nothing better than leaving your Lake Worth chiropractor feeling stress-free. Don’t skip out on your next massage, schedule your appointment today.