If you’ve finally decided that chiropractic care is what you need, there is most likely a reason. It may be that you were recently injured and are suffering from intense pain that you’ve been told a chiropractic could help. It might also be that you’ve just decided to figure out what all this chiropractor visit business is about. So when do you know if it’s time to schedule an adjustment?

The truth is, there is no set say in when to receive an adjustment, and that’s because every single body is different. There is no way that anyone could guarantee or a set schedule of adjustments to be made without an initial visit, so lets start at the beginning.

If this is your first try with a chiropractor or you’ve just been injured, you will start in the same place. Our chiropractors will examine your posture, joints, tension and more and will then use chiropractic techniques to adjust your spine. From there, it is all dependant on your bodies case as to when your next adjustment should be scheduled. Your chiropractor will go over a routine that will be best for your back and the alignments it needs, this could be once every couple of months or maybe a few times a day.

When it comes to scheduling your initial chiropractic visit, come when you feel you need to. If you are noticing strong back or neck pains it is probably a good time to schedule a visit. After that initial adjustment, you will notice and recognize when it’s time for another alignment; an adjustment is that powerful.

Call Coastal Chiropractic, Massage & Wellness here in Greenacres, and get your back adjusted so that you can begin to feel better!