It has been found that people with higher stress levels tend to get sick more often. With the addition of all the people one comes into contact with, weather changes, lack of sleep and poor eating habits, our immune systems are bound to give in. Massage therapy has shown the ability to strengthen one’s immune system when put on a regular schedule. Why is that?

Visiting a massage therapist regularly helps to relieve the stress and tension that your body will naturally hold on to. The effects that a massage has on the body are similar to those of yoga, where one’s sympathetic system lowers the heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. The body is able to push more oxygen through the body at this time, going to your vital organs first.

Massage therapy also increases the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity, meaning that the amount of natural “attack cells” in your body is higher than normal. Massages also decrease the number of T-cells, improving your body’s immune functionality altogether. Because of the decreased amount of T-cells and the higher amount of natural “attack cells”, your body is able to fight off bacteria and infection better, keeping your immune system strong and healthy!

Start visiting your Greenacres massage therapist on a regular schedule and your body is sure to reap from the benefits. Schedule your appointment with Coastal Chiropractic, Massage & Wellness today!